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man in physical therapy sessionMN RETAIN is excited to have multiple healthcare sites engaged as part of the program. Healthcare organizations can bring RETAIN services to their patients through multiple engagement models. In 2021, information about MN RETAIN was distributed throughout the state including to 3600 healthcare providers and numerous healthcare organizations. Webinars to share information with physicians, advanced practice providers, and healthcare organizations occurred to identify organizations that were interested in formal collaboration in the RETAIN network. To date, relationships with four healthcare organizations, in addition to Mayo Clinic, have been developed: HealthPartners/TRIAFulcrum Health NetworkRochester Clinic and NovaCare.

The program offers many supportive services for qualifying participants, therefore accessibility to all Minnesota residents was a priority during our selection of clinical healthcare sites.  In addition, Minnesota RETAIN is a Federally sponsored clinical study and healthcare clinics were evaluated on their ability to support the patients’ needs and administratively follow human subject protection and Federal Grant guidelines.  The following are a examples of site qualities evaluated:

·       Accessibility to broad populations to include recognized traditionally underserved communities.

·       Availability of qualified medical staff

·       Experience working with human subjects research

·       Availability of language/translation services and resources

·       Capacity to service program participants

Our goal in selecting clinical healthcare sites is to provide impactful supportive MN RETAIN services to any participant seeking return-to-work support in Minnesota. Feedback from providers and leaders at the sites so far has been very positive. Each of the healthcare sites brings unique opportunities to connect with MN workers.


“While MN RETAIN has formal partnerships with several healthcare sites, any healthcare provider or healthcare organization throughout the state can refer patients and support workers within our communities in staying at work or returning to work. This is such an exciting program for MN!” – Dr. Breeher

Learn more about MN RETAIN’s Healthcare Subrecipients on our website.