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What is MN RETAIN?

MN RETAIN is a new grant-funded program that helps workers who are out of work due to an injury or illness get back on the job promptly and safely. This is accomplished by providing early intervention strategies for employees to stay at work or return to work as soon as it is medically appropriate.

How can I participate in the MN RETAIN program?

An employee with an injury or illness that limits their ability to stay at work or return to work can email: or call 507-284-4537 for more information.

How can MN RETAIN help Employers?

By participating in MN RETAIN employers can: 

  • Potentially save money by not having to recruit, hire, and train replacement employees 
  • Learn about strategies and accommodations that can help employees work more efficiently 
  • Demonstrate commitment to the health and well-being of their employees in a concrete and highly visible way. 
How does MN RETAIN Work?

The MN RETAIN program opens the lines of communication between employees, employers and health care providers to allow injured or ill employees to return to work more rapidly by working with a RETAIN Return to Work Case Manager. The case manager will act as a liaison and can often suggest solutions to common problems that can needlessly prolong work absence and lead to job loss for employees and prevent unnecessary turnover for employers.

Is MN RETAIN available for Workers Compensation and Non-Workers Compensation Injured Employees?


I’m not sure I can return to work at all. Is MN RETAIN for me?

Before jumping to that conclusion, please consider talking to one of our Return to Work Case Managers, because returning to work can look very different for different people. There may be more options than you are aware of. We’re here to help you retain work in your life.

What if I have second thoughts about participating? Will I be able to leave the MN RETAIN program at any time?

Yes, you can leave MN RETAIN at any time, without penalty. Participation is voluntary. This will not affect your healthcare visits.