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Mason was an assistant director of health services for an assisted-living facility when he was admitted to the Mayo Clinic after a serious car accident.

“I was stopped in traffic and the person behind me was texting and rear-ended me doing 75 [miles per hour],” Mason said. Mason’s back, neck, and skull were broken. Through a review of his electronic medical records, the Minnesota RETAIN team at Mayo discovered he was out of work because of his injuries and approached him about enrolling in the Minnesota RETAIN program.

The RETAIN program was created for people like Mason, who faced a lengthy recovery that would delay his return to work. Minnesota RETAIN provides access to supportive resources for food, transportation, and rental assistance to help ill or injured workers while they recover.

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"Before my injury, I was working 100 to 150 hours per pay period and was completely underappreciated and underpaid. Then, I was fired due to restrictions. After six months working with RETAIN, I am now a director of nursing, making almost double what I made at the time of the accident, and never work more than 40 hours per week. I have never been happier professionally." -Mason