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Minnesota Healthcare providers have the opportunity to receive support in their patient’s return-to-work plan. RETAIN/Mayo Clinic healthcare leads, Drs. Laura Breeher and Clayton Cowl, have created a CME accredited Provider Training course.

The CME course, Preventing Needless Work Disability: The Healthcare Provider Role, was recently updated to include just one 45-minute module.

During this course, providers will learn:

  1. Evaluating your patients for return-to-work
  2. Writing functionally based recommendations
  3. Understanding how other members of your healthcare team can help

“I was impressed with the piece; I confess I wasn’t sure at the outset. But, after going through it, I came away with a much better sense of how to approach these situations and how to structure recommendations and documentation. Even though I don’t see many of these situations (since I don’t do a lot of heart failure or chronic coronary disease folks), the modules were very helpful and will give me a more solid and confident approach in the future.” -Cardiovascular Medicine

86 intervention group providers have taken the CME training since the inception of MN RETAIN. In-person and virtual CME events are scheduled for Spring and Fall of 2023. Interested in learning more, please visit: Healthcare Providers – MN RETAIN