MN RETAIN is a program to shorten needless time away from work for employees who have a medical condition that limits their ability to do their jobs.

Your employees are a valuable resource and MN RETAIN Return to Work Case Managers are available to assist you in returning employees to safe and productive work while recovering from an illness or injury. Studies show that staying active and engaged at work helps employees recover more quickly.

MN RETAIN helps employers:

  • Communicate their commitment to their employees
  • Retain valuable employees facing illness or injury
  • Reduce staff turnover and training costs
  • Improve the morale of employees who feel supported in returning to work
  • Reduce lost time and expenses

You play a key role in the outcome for your employees. Together you are able to identify opportunities in the workplace that allow your employee to be back at work as they continue to heal. RETAIN is here to help you. As an important member of your employee’s medical care team, the RETAIN Return to Work Case Manager can assist you and your employee to develop a plan for work and:

  • Clarify the health care provider’s medical recommendations
  • Insure that return to work tasks are safe and within your employee’s current abilities
  • Evaluate workplace accommodations
  • Stay in touch with you and your employee to monitor the return to work plan
  • Answer your questions

If you are interested in learning how MN RETAIN can benefit your employees, contact:

If you are interested in hosting a supported work position at no cost to your organization, please contact: